The YOUR SPACE philosophy is to work with you to maximise your current resources to support the way you live.

Working within your space, our practical and collaborative approach will make significant changes to your environment.

With an eye for design our services offer solutions that complement your style, creating the surroundings that you desire.

Together we can achieve your goals, reflecting the lifestyle you want to lead.





Repeatedly, we spend money unnecessarily, accumulating things, compensating for life being out of order.

It’s about enjoying everything that you have, free of clutter, creating a sanctuary for yourself.


Taking pleasure in making everyday things extraordinary. It’s about owning things you truly love, that inspire you. It’s also about being authentic from home to work and creating rituals that ground us.


Often we are not optimising what we already have.
Whether it is rearranging the layout of a room, a coat of paint on a wall, recovering an old sofa.

Sometimes it is a simple, cost effective idea that can create a difference and have a big impact.